When the father picked up his 6-year-old daughter from school, the teacher noticed his underwear and knew what had happened.

The most significant responsibility of any parent’s life is making sure their children are content, safe, and comfortable.

Ben Sowards, a husband and father from Utah in the United States, has no qualms about demonstrating this theory. One day, when his phone rang, he noticed an incoming call from school when he glanced at the screen. They advised him to leave right away so he could pick up his 6-year-old daughter from school.



Ben acted right away after learning that his young daughter had a “accident” in the bathroom.

Although Ben and his daughter’s story occurred in 2017, it has recently gained popularity. It serves as a reminder that even a small action can have a significant impact.

The Sowards family’s story was first published by The Huffington Post.

Ben, Valerie’s father, knew he had to do everything in his power to help Valerie, 6, feel better after she had a “accident” at school. He used his cunning to draw attention away from himself because he knew that this was a difficult situation for her at school.


He simply had no idea that his heroic deed would make him a household name and that his brilliant concept would garner attention everywhere.

Ben hopped in his car and drove Valerie to school. But first, he took a bottle of water and drenched his pants in it.

In all honesty, I knew she was terrified, but Ben said he reasoned that if he could get her to laugh, everything would be alright.

He went to the principal’s office right away after parking at the school because his daughter was there to meet him. When he arrived, she was taken aback by his initial inquiry. He crouched down next to her and pleaded in a low voice for her permission to take her backpack so he could cover up an embarrassing mishap that had occurred to him.


When the 6-year-old turned to look at her father, she was taken aback. What is he trying to conceal?

It appears that he did indeed have something to conceal. Her father’s pants were also wet when she looked down.

Ben remembers that when Valerie saw her dad’s “accident,” she immediately felt more at ease. The two walked out of the school with broad smiles on their faces as she left with assurance.

Furthermore, Ben has previously thought of creative ways to help his kids. He was FaceTiming his other daughter Lucinda a few years back when she fell on her face while ice skating. She remarked, “He drew a blue lantern for himself in one eye that would resemble mine.”

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