What does the doll-like girl now look like?

Allie Livingwater, then 23 years old, found a precious find in her grandmother’s basement in a garbage bag. She knew right away that the masterwork from six decades ago would somehow find its way into her life.

Five years later, she realized her goal by marrying Timothy Livingwater, the love of her life, in the vintage wedding gown that her grandmother had worn on her wedding day 60 years before.

During the wedding on September 25, Allie was surrounded by family, friends, and her future husband, and she couldn’t be happier.

The lovely 88-year-old grandmother of the bride was delighted to provide the “something old” and “something borrowed” to Allie’s wedding.

Remarkably, the garment, which had been meticulously preserved, was in good condition, exactly suited the new bride, and required no adjustments. After giving it a good cleaning, Allie chose to slightly change it by putting a hoop skirt underneath.

The happy grandma could not stop crying as she watched the newlywed at Turners Falls on her special day walk down the aisle. The lovely moment, according to Allie, is one she will always cherish.

On Facebook, she posted pictures from her big day with a picture of her grandmother wearing the same dress 60 years earlier. The pharmacy student acknowledged that her special day had fulfilled a lifelong desire and will be treasured forever.

Facebook people showered the bride and groom with sincere congrats in the comment section. Several praised Allie for carrying out such a meaningful deed and honoring her relationship with her grandma by doing so. The remark said:

“Wonderful Allie, the link to your grandparents and their unending love just enhances it. I wish you both a lifetime of joy and adventure.

Allie has a stronger bond with her grandma than most people. Since the family moved in with her when her husband passed away after 38 years of marriage, the 23-year-old has lived with her grandma.
Despite the fact that she had never met her grandpa, she felt some connection to him because of the dress because it had been worn during their wedding. She clarified:

“My grandmother was shocked when I chose to wear her clothing. She didn’t believe it was anything exceptional, so she kept it in an old garbage bag. But it was to me.

She continued by describing how dearly she felt about the clothing because of its connection to her grandfather. The bride-to-be believed that the garment, which symbolized her grandparents’ almost forty-year marriage to success, cleared the path for her own union.

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