What does Sybill Shepherd, the major seductress of the 1980s who was turned down by Bruce Willis herself, look like today?

In the late 1980s, Cybill Shepherd was a true sex idol.

The actress achieved major fame after starring alongside Bruce Willis in the television series “Moonlight Detective Agency.” Because of how well-matched they seemed in the movie, fans anticipated the cast to be a couple, but the actors only consented to a fleeting relationship.

At first, the actor virtually pursued his coworker, but because to Bruce Willis’ enormous popularity, the actress began to stir up controversy, and it was finally agreed to end the relationship. Even though Cybill Shepherd, 72, still thinks of Willis as “a lovely man” and has warm sentiments for him, she recently stated that she does not regret the breakup of their relationship more than 30 years ago.

Shepard’s comments startled everyone who followed the celebrity pair because they had been waiting more than 30 years for this disclosure! Bruce is a long-time married guy who also has a serious illness, therefore it is regrettable that their reunion is no longer anticipated.

Although Sybil no longer commonly attends public events, when she does, it creates a major stir. It was so surprising that Shepard would attend the Hollywood Reporter luncheon.

The 72-year-old actress walked on the carpet and twirled for the cameras while donning a red extended jacket, pants, and a black turtleneck. Sybill was constantly beaming and had a wonderfully styled bob haircut.

The Hollywood star’s skin is also noted for looking young for her age. She doesn’t have any prominent wrinkles and has lovely, even skin.

The actress still looks beautiful even after all these years, network users afterwards commented in the comments.

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