Whale protects research diver from a shark

The ocean is a world of mystery and wonder. Although people know quite a bit about some of the marine life that lives in these waters, almost every day, scientists and researchers identify something new. Marvelous things are continuously discovered.

Whales and sharks

Two mammals that people know the most about are sharks and whales. That includes that sharks can be aggressive while for the most part, whales are docile. But one recent story emerged that gives an entirely different perspective of these two massive creatures.

Interesting facts

Whales, in particular, have long been respected. Among the different species is the Blue Whale, which is the largest. On average, this warm-blooded mammal reaches nearly 100 feet in length and can weigh up to 330,000 pounds. But there are also many smaller varieties. Sadly, most of them are now endangered.

A viral video

Thanks to a video uploaded to social media, we’ve learned something else about whales. Sometimes, they connect with humans in ways we still don’t understand. Sure, they’ll swim next to boats and breach the water when they feel excited or happy but this video proves something far more spectacular.

17 million views and counting

With that many views, you know the video has to be special…and it is. It begins with a female diver by the name of Nam swimming right up next to a huge whale. She explains that this creature was focused on keeping her within a specific area.

Hiding her

She stated that when she’d try to swim around the whale, it’d move its body as though trying to hide her. This massive creature repeated this action over and over again. Initially, Nan couldn’t understand why.

Exploratory work

As a research scientist, this diver spends a lot of time in the water. There’s she watches and catalogs different things she sees, involving both sharks and whales. On this particular day, she was confused by the whale’s actions since she hadn’t encountered anything like it before.

Close connection

The video shows her gently petting the whale, which appears to love her touch. It’s such a beautiful moment between a small woman and a large mammal. In a unique way, they connected.

Refusing to leave her

Even then, the whale wouldn’t leave her side. Initially, after entering the water, the whale swam directly to her and wouldn’t stop. That’s when it kept pushing as though it was trying to stop her from swimming in a different direction.

Hold on, buddy

This whale was so intent on controlling Nan’s movements that it became somewhat assertive. In Nan’s mind, she kept saying, “Whoa, whoa, hold on.” At one point, she tried to get away but the whale wouldn’t permit her to leave. She was completely dumbfounded.

Incredible insight

If she got too far away, the whale would come back only to repeat its actions. You see, this mammal knew something that Nan didn’t. This creature wasn’t trying to hurt her at all. As a matter of fact, he put her on his head and even came eye-to-eye with her.

She felt frightened

Without knowing the reason for the whale’s behavior, Nan started to feel scared. The next thing she knows, he lifts her out of the water on its pectoral fin. She could see the boat and started to yell for help. This entire ordeal went on for more than 10 minutes.

That’s when she spots it

Now above the water on the whale’s back, she saw a shark. It turns out it was a large Tiger Shark that had set its eyes on her as its prey. Finally, she realized the whale had just saved her life. All she could say was, “Oh my God, he was protecting me.”

What an amazing experience. If you want to watch all of this unfold, click on the video below. It’s truly worth watching.

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