Viral Video Captures Horse Trotting In The Ocean To Meet Dolphins

Horses are wonderful creatures, so gentle and loving. They want to be friends with every animal they meet. This horse went to the ocean to find his next group of best friends.
A woman rode with her horse Breeze to the beach and was surprised by what she saw. Breeze suddenly wanted to have some enjoyment and trot into the water. However, fins appeared. Most people would be scared if they saw a fin coming towards them. Luckily, three playful dolphins were swimming alongside them.

The woman thanked the dolphins and watched them as they chased Breeze through the water. At one point, the woman congratulated the dolphins on their good behavior. Meanwhile, Breeze enjoyed the fresh air and time with his new friends.

All the animals in this video seem to be having fun and a magical moment is captured on film. The animals always amaze us if we stop and pay attention. It’s so amazing that it’s already been viewed over 746,000 times.
Watch the stunning video below!

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