Tycoon spends $11M of daughter’s wedding fund building homes for the poor

There are many people who admire the more extravagant things life has to offer. This seems to be especially true of weddings.

With the way we throw money at the venue, the flowers, the music, the food, drinks and, of course, the dress, it’s pretty obvious that wedding celebrations have become something of a status symbol. This is particularly true of the wealthy.

People have begun to prioritize what’s important to them lately, however.

This is the story of one financial tycoon who had originally planned an elaborate and expensive wedding for his daughter, only to do something far more touching with the money instead.

Billionaire Manoj Munot is one of the richest people in India.

He wanted to make sure his daughter could have everything she wanted at her wedding. Being able to provide things for your children that you weren’t able to have as a child is something many parents aspire to do.

Munot had done it. He was in a position to give his daughter everything she could ever want.

Munot had saved and saved for his daughter’s wedding, to the tune of $11,000,000.

Needless to say, that amount of money can buy a lot of cake, rent a huge reception hall, and more.

But Shreya Munot didn’t have her heart set on a big wedding. It’s bigger than that.

Munot’s daughter Shreya did not insist on a big wedding, however, and was genuinely not sure how all of the money her father had saved would get spent.

She was said to have been quite supportive of the idea that some of the money saved for her wedding would be spent on more important things instead.

Then Munot told his daughter he had changed his mind and decided not to spend as much money on her wedding as he first intended.

Instead, he would put the money toward a good cause.

In India, there is a dire need for more suitable housing for the poor. Many people live in makeshift camps often referred to as slums. The money Munot had saved for his daughter’s wedding could help these people, and so that is what he would do with it.

Shreya was reported to be “over the moon” happy at her father’s decision.

In a sense, he was giving her the wedding she wanted, one where less money would be spent on her and more would be given to people who truly needed it.

90 families given a key to a new home.

It’s fitting that as Shreya and her husband started their new life together, 90 other families would be given a new start to theirs.

Munot used the money he had saved for his daughter’s wedding to build 90 homes for the needy. This would provide them with a badly needed stable home.

The homes were built in the Aurangabad region of Maharashtra in India.

On Shreya’s wedding day, she and her soon-to-be husband met at the development site where the 90 homes would be built.

She told the local media that she was very proud of her father and the new housing development. It was a wedding gift the couple will always remember.

In addition to gaining four walls and a roof, the homes also supplied the families with access to basic utilities such as electricity and water.

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