Twin sisters reveal details of their lengthy lives together as they commemorate their 100th birthdays.

Norma Matthews and Edith Antonecchi, twin centenarians, have lived lengthy lives.

Additionally, they have experienced every phase of their life together.
According to Norma, “People adore that we’re still together.” “Since the day we were born, we have done everything together.”

Through all of life’s ups and downs, the sisters have supported one another.

Norma remarked, “Edy was always there for me, and I was always there for her. “Edy always seemed to be aware when I was ill. To check on me, she would either phone or hurry over.

Despite their sibling disagreements, they were able to overcome them.
“When you put a dime in your pocket, nothing happens. Two pennies in your pocket make a jingling sound.


Their grandma would frequently tell them this. The sisters were reared by a single mother after being born in Revere, Massachusetts.

Although things weren’t always easy, Edy noted, “We had a lot of fun.” “We had fun on our terms.”
Following high school, Norma worked as a hairdresser and Edy became a nurse. Within three months, they both were married, and they later cohabited for 51 years. They were never more than a bus or train journey or two cities apart.

We would be living separately for the first time, Norma explained. We so came to the conclusion that it was crucial for us to always be in close proximity to one another.

Charles Matthews and Norma were wed on February 14th, 1943. They had three children, one of whom died at the young age of two.

After her sister’s wedding, Edy wed Leo “Chick” Antonecchi three months later.
One of Edy and Leo’s two sons went away four years ago. Leo passed away in an automobile accident in 1994, and Charles, who had Alzheimer’s, followed.

Within a few months of one another, both of their spouses died.

The sisters then made the decision to go to Florida as a group.
They commute to the church, the grocery store, and senior citizen events from their mobile home park home thanks to the generosity of their friends and neighbors.

Norma is the talkative one, while Edy is more reserved, according to neighbor Margaret Shaffer. “Norma is gone if you take them to a restaurant; she needs to stand up and interact with everyone. However, they both brighten the space.

The sisters claim that they are related as twins. If Norma was ill, Edy would be able to sense it.

The phone would ring with Edy on the other end just as Norma was about to contact her sister.
In December 2021, over 50 guests arrived in St. Petersburg to celebrate their 100th birthday. They resemble local celebrities in several ways.

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