Toss a few ice cubes in your dryer and remove an extra chore from your to-do list

There are life hacks for just about everything, so it’s no surprise that there is even a brilliant hack for keeping your clothes nice and crisp without the iron and ironing board.

This will blow your mind, and it’s as simple as can be!

All you need is some ice cubes, and dryer, and wrinkled clothes that you would usually iron…

You can never have too many life hacks, and lucky for us, YouTube is full of them.

All it takes is a quick search, and you can find an easy DIY fix for just about anything that causes you trouble.

When you think about Ice cubes, you usually think about cold beverages, but not anymore.

In this video, YouTube user HelloIamBear shows us a life hack that will save you time, while also keeping your clothes looking nice and neat.

Most people mind doing laundry, it’s getting the wrinkles out that they really don’t like.

Thanks to ice cubes, you may be able to skip that process.

For the best results, do this hack with a small load of cotton clothes

According to lifehacker, the ice cube trick doesn’t work very well on jeans, heavy fabrics, or oversized loads. so it’s best to stick with light loads and light fabrics.

You can try it on any type of clothes, it works best when you’re drying a small load of cotton clothes.

So grab a few pieces of cotton clothing, and let’s get to work. I take that back, this isn’t working at all!

So how do you do the game-changing ice cube laundry hack?

It’s even simpler than it seems, just put your wrinkled clothes in the dryer and watch the magic happen.

Once you’ve put your clothes in the dryer, grab anywhere from 3-5 cubes of ice cubes depending on how big the load of clothes is.

Remember, it doesn’t work great with full loads, so keep it small.

We’d say no more the 8-10 light items, but preferably 1-4

Once your clothes are in the dryer, and you’ve got the ice cubes ready, just throw them in and turn your dryer on.

Before long, you’ll have nice and ironed clothes minus the ironing, and you’ll have saved all that time you were going to spend.

How does this hack work?

The idea behind the ice cube dryer hack is simple, the ice gets hot, and as it melts it turns to hot steam that presses your clothes without lifting a finger.

The more ice cubes the more steam, but with more ice cubes also comes more water which means you’ll have to dry for longer.

If you didn’t happen to have ice cubes, you could also mist your clothes with a water bottle or throw a wet washcloth in there to get the same effect.

So what’s the verdict, is the ice cube laundry hack really worth it?

Overall, the ice cube laundry hack has its good and bad qualities.

On one hand, It works great on just a few items, it can have your clothes or your kid’s clothes presentable quickly, requires no work, and can help even medium-size loads be semi-wrinkle -free.

On the other hand, it can set the sensor off in your dryer making you restart it, doesn’t work on large loads, heavy fabrics, or jeans…

Because it requires literally no work, we’re going to say this hack is definitely worth a try!

While the ice cube laundry hack is great in a pinch or when you don’t feel like ironing, nothing can mimic the creases the iron makes.

So lets maybe hold onto the irons for a bit longer.

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