Toddler sneaks into room to give dog nursing her puppies some kisses

Some parents are conflicted about whether they should have a pet around their children.

Their main concern is often on the sharp teeth or claws of either dogs or cats and the possibility of their babies getting hurt. While that could be possible, an animal’s aggressive behavior only comes out when provoked.

Studies show that raising a child with pets has many benefits.

The relationship that your child builds with your pet is indicative of how they will treat others around them when they grow up. It teaches them compassion, empathy, and trust. Having a pet also helps develop your child’s self-esteem, self-confidence, and even non-verbal communication skills.

Having a pet is also like providing a playmate for your child.

They may not speak the same language or have the same physical abilities, but a pet is excellent company for your child as they play.

At the end of the day, a pet will create a significant impact on your child’s life.

We’ve seen videos of pets growing together with the child. Either the child came when the parents just got a new pet or the other way around. Then, the mutual love and care between pet and child grow through the years.

This adorable pet cam video proved that kind of bond.

This video of a toddler went viral because, well, it is too cute not to share and keep watching. Check out the video below and prepare to let it melt your heart.

The video shows a mama dog nursing eight puppies.

Suddenly, this little hooman came into the room and started petting the mama dog. It’s a total “aaawww” moment, even with the simple touch of care to the mama dog. She also petted one of the puppies. What a touching moment!

She started to walk out of the room, and then she went back for more love and care.

The adorable toddler went back to pet the mama dog once more and even kissed her! She also petted another pup who seemed a bit lost in that line of nursing babies. This gesture allowed the mama dog to lead the puppy back.

This short video clip captured the hearts of many.

The video has over two million views and has been featured on various news websites. Who could resist this touching moment, right? It’s undoubtedly some heartwarming news, perfect for a timeline cleanse.

People in the comments section also chimed in their adoration for this lovable scene.

Most of them credited the parents for so many reasons. One applauded the parents for providing a proper bed for the mama dog and her puppies. The others also commended the parents because their child’s actions towards the pet speak of how they brought her up.

For most, they are just amazed by the bond these two have.

It showed how the mama dog trusts the little hooman to go near her puppies (while nursing them, no less). You can also see how the dog loved the affection so much.

So for parents in doubt, this is your sign: get your child that pet!

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