Toddler girl lovingly comforts dog with separation anxiety

When owners leave their animals fr a long time or even forever they gain separation anxiety. It happens because the animals got used to being near their owners for a very long time and being far from them make them very anxious.

The sweet dog named Lulu also had separation anxiety when her owner left her alone. But the 2-year-old grandchild of the owner could calm the dog with her tricks.

When the baby girl approached the dog she started stroking her head gently and then offered her a donut. The dog felt very relaxed with her. She was very glad that there was someone except for her owner that loved to play with her and pay attention to her.

The little toddler told Lulu that her grandmother would come back and calm the dog with her sweet words. So it is true that animals and children have the same language and understand each other perfectly.

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