To prevent theft, a woman colors her Great Pyrenees dog a bright red color.

Many dog owners fear that their cherished animals may be taken. A significant target for dognapping might be several pricey and uncommon dog breeds.

But, one woman’s method of protecting her dog from thieves has stirred up a lot of discussion online, with some applauding the concept and others criticizing the owner’s motivations.

Dandy, a 2-year-old Great Pyrenees dog who belongs to Chloe, has brilliant red fur as a result of pet dye that his owner applied to him:

On TikTok, her decision to color Dandy red quickly drew conflicting reactions. Several comments refer to the dog as “poor dog,” questioning whether the coloration is healthy, while others are charmed by his distinctive appearance, likening him to the cartoon character Clifford the Big Red Dog.

Chloe has reassured fans that she exclusively uses vegan, animal-safe dye (apparently Opawz products), and in subsequent videos she has given her explanations for the dog’s striking transformation.

She stated that the Great Pyreneese puppy is a “rare breed in [her] area,” therefore part of the reason was to “prevent him from getting stolen.”

Dan “loves people and kids,” according to Chloe, and the red dye supposedly makes the dog “more accessible,” so it appears that he is enjoying his new hue.

In other videos, she shows viewers how to color their own dogs while also claiming that she intended to “inform people on safe pet dye procedures.”

Dandy’s videos on TikTok, which have accumulated 10 million likes and more than 318,000 followers, have not stopped sparking discussion.

Others have questioned Chloe’s motivations, claiming that the dye was just used to garner attention online and was unlikely to deter would-be dognappers.

Dandy appears to be a content and well-cared-for dog, doesn’t know what color he is, and the owner has the freedom to dye her dog for any purpose as long as it is safe and humane, according to supporters.

Despite being widely used, Dandy’s TikTok has been offline since February. His most recent Instagram image, dated July, shows Dandy returning to his natural fur color after the dye faded:

It’s unknown what color Dandy is right now; Chloe stated that he “needs a touch up” and that he will be “red shortly.”

However, a significant portion of the feedback advised her against dyeing the dog again, preferring Dandy in his “natural hues.”

Do you agree with the choice to dye Dandy a bright red color? Is it an enjoyable approach to protect the dog from kidnappers, or is it unnecessarily cruel treatment?

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