To Bring Back The Baby She Lost A Fearful Wild Horse Risked Her Freedom

A young filly was set apart from her mother. Both animals were emotionally shattered. Both horses are part of a enormous herd of wild mustangs living in the Virginia Range. During a riot, the filly, named Holly G., ran into a fenced area and got stuck.
Fortunately, a group of volunteers specially trained in wild horse rescue were called in to help. It took time and effort, but they managed to get the foal into their caravan. While the volunteers did their part, another group worked to find the wild herd so mother and child could be reunited, ilovemydog writes.
Fortunately, the flock was not far away. The volunteers humanely fenced her in, so as soon as the foal arrived, the mother was there to receive it. What they didn’t anticipate is the incredible sweetness of the reunion.
As a rule, wild horses are very afraid of humans. The volunteers do their part to look after the horses, but they respect these boundaries. It was expected that the reunion would be very different, as the herd would usually run away from the trailer as it approached. Instead, the exact opposite happened! The American Wild Horse Campaign wrote on its Facebook page, “As the trailer approached the area where the herd was confined, with the foal inside, a wild mare chased its young and even entered the scary trailer to retrieve it.


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