Titanoboa thirteen metres, one tonne, The biggest snake ever.

Have you wandered a snake bigger than an anaconda? Even to imagine such an enormous snake is horrifying when left seeing such a huge snake. 

Titanoboa cerrejonesis is a brand-new type that was found by a group of North American scientists led by Jason Head at the University of Toronto. It’s the latest fossil to emerge from Colombia and is one of the world’s largest open-pit mines and an unexpected bonanza of ancient reptile fossils.

Titanoboa was likewise a hefty animal. Using the length-weight ratios of a rock python and an anaconda as a guide, Head approximated that Titanoboa weighed in at over 1.3 lots.

That’s almost thirty times as hefty as the anaconda, the bulkiest species alive today. Its superlative measurements suggest that Titanoboa was not just the biggest snake in the background. Likewise the biggest land-living vertebrate following the death of the dinosaurs.

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