This renovated 1979 Airstream is beautiful when you step inside

Whether to travel the country or to sit permanently on a piece of land, a lot of people have started transforming different types of vehicles. That includes school buses, cars, delivery trucks, and RVs. This has become a huge passion for many individuals. And those dedicated to the project typically end up with something that goes beyond all expectations.


Perhaps one of the best-known types of caravans is made by Airstream. Unlike other “RVs,” these have a unique rounded shape with a shiny, polished aluminum shell. Although people can purchase an Airstream right off the factory line, one couple from New Orleans came up with a brilliant idea.

Starting an Airbnb

This man and his wife love to travel. For that reason, they understand all too well just how expensive nice hotel accommodations are. So, they decided they’d start an Airbnb although not like anything people had ever seen.

Converting an older Airstream

Rather than provide travelers with a traditional experience, they came up with the idea to convert an Airstream. This endeavor started with the purchase of a 1979 model. Due to its age, the caravan still had its original charm.

Beautiful surroundings

Of course, the Airstream was just a portion of the experience they wanted their guests to have. So, they set it not far from a 100-year-old Sycamore tree. Then, they added an expansive deck where visitors could relax in the shade or under the stars. But they made other unique decisions.

Repurposed materials

Instead of buying all new materials, they gathered as many salvage items they could get their hands on. To do that, they had to go all over the city. Not only was this a great way to save money on the conversion project but it also allowed them to maintain the Airstream’s vintage look and feel.

A picturesque setting

For anyone who wants to get away from daily responsibilities, staying in this Airbnb is an excellent option. The environment surrounding the caravan is pristine and peaceful. Talk about a perfect place to unwind and de-stress.

The shocking interior

Yes, the outside area is stunning but the inside takes your breath away. This couple went to great lengths to create a magical space. Throughout the Airstream is amazing wood. But to maintain some originality, they left the wood paneling on the walls. Since it’s weathered, it has a rustic vibe but without compromising on luxury.

An efficient kitchen

Included in the conversion design is a fully functional kitchen. That means people who stay in the Airstream have their choice of cooking meals inside or grilling outside. But being surrounded by white-washed wood and natural wood floors, we bet that a lot of guests prefer to cook inside the caravan.

Comfortable bed

This 1979 caravan also has a cozy bed. And right next to it is a rocking chair. It’s all so quaint. For people who plan to stay a week or more, there’s plenty of storage space. One example, the wood frame around the bed, which opens to reveal drawers.

Impressive bathroom

Even the bathroom is fantastic. With reclaimed wood walls, a warm color scheme, and a clawfoot tub along with a sink and toilet, it has everything that guests need to feel right at home. Due to the changes this couple made to this caravan, it feels much roomier than it appears.

They even built a beautiful outdoor shower. Yes, this Airbnb is an Airstream RV but it provides guests with a luxurious place to stay when away from home. You can learn more about the conversion by clicking on the video below. This caravan is truly magnificent.

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