This giant bunny thinks he’s a puppy

Having a pet at home can really make us happy. Most people bring home a dog or a cat. But what if you have a bunny that acts like a dog?

I think that is definitely awesome.

This Flemish bunny knows what’s up.

Meet Guus, the cheeky Flemish Giant

Guus lives in Amsterdam with her hooman mom, Danielle. This soft fluffy bunny was a gift from Danielle’s boyfriend in 2020.

Guus has given Danielle a happy and exciting two years already. And for sure, she hopes to experience many more years with Guus.

The adorable pair are spreading good vibes online.

Guus is an Instagram celebrity with more than 23,000 followers. Danielle shares different clips and photos of him on his own Instagram.

With the 2.1 Million views on the Youtube Channel of GeoBeats Animals, we may say that many people are curious about Guus as a pet.

One follower commented that she’s happy to know that rabbits can now be considered a home pet. Others also commented on the great bond between Danielle and Guus.

Danielle shared also that Guus is like a dog who follows her all the time and loves to play ball. But she always calls Guus her koala bear with big ears.

Guus as your comforter

Danielle notices that Guus constantly follows her whenever she feels anxious or a little lonely.

She can’t help but get warm and soft comfort from her bunny. And she feels better after that.

He’s like an emotional support bunny.

Guus loves to interact with different kinds of people. When he is outside, he will make sure to mingle with other pets like dogs and also with his mom’s hooman friends.

Guus also loves Danielle’s boyfriend of course.

And he gets all the treats!

One of their neighbors always has a treat for Guus.

Guus is also a bit cheeky.

He is curious about many things like tasting snow, jumping in the garden, and even stealing some snacks from Danielle’s desk or her grocery bag.

But Guus hates one thing — bananas. You can see in the picture how he feels about them.

Flemish Giants are gentle giants.

According to Northern Nester, Flemish giants are called gentle giants because of their docile nature. They are one of the calmest and most friendly breeds of rabbits.

In taking care of rabbits, we need to think about the temperature of our room. Flemish Giants are sweet creature and loves cuddle time.

They typically jump around and sit easily on anyone’s laps when kept indoors. A litter box can be used to potty train these rabbits.


Flemish Giants are kind to everyone, even kids. But like what Danielle said in her interview, they should be taken care of by adults.

Kids must be supervised by adults when playing with these gentle giants.

They eat a lot of food due to their enormous size. Many advise to include hay, water, and high premium rabbit pellets in their diet.

But if you are just here to experience the happiness of Danielle and Guus, you can always follow their journey on Instagram.

Check out Danielle and Guus’s adorable bond in the video below!

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