This Dying Horse Gained more Then 400 Pounds

Benny is a four years old horse. He was malnourished and dying. They brought Benny to Last Stop Horse. The Last Stop Horse is a horse sanctuary in Prentiss, Maine, which offers adoption and rehabilitation program. The sanctuary nurses abused, starved and neglected horses back to health.
When Benny got to the sanctuary he was very weak and couldn’t stand on his own. He even weighted only 526 pounds. The staff at the LSHR had one goal this contains to get Benny back to a healthy state. There was no giving up for them even if they knew that is was going to be a hard time.
They get him to stand by placing a sling hanging from a beam in the barn. They also started with small amounts of food to get him to start eating. By each day passing Benny got stronger and so did his appetite. He even stayed by his own after two weeks of help.
Benny gained almost 400 pounds after six months. He was back being a healthy horse. It’s hard to believe that this is the same animal by knowing his journey. He got a beautiful healthy horse after he nearly died. Look at this amazing transformation.

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