The Roloff kids are ready to impress with their adorable Halloween costumes this year

Now that we’re getting really close to Halloween, most of us have probably chosen our costumes for the Halloween parties that are coming up this weekend or for the trick-or-treat trip around the neighborhood.

For those who have yet to decide what to dress up like this year, the Roloff family has some ideas to share.

Tori Roloff shared pictures of her three children dressed up for Halloween and they are the best.

Five-year-old Jackson Kyle dressed up as a firefighter, two-year-old Lilah dressed up as a Dalmatian dog, and baby Josiah, who is only five months old, looked great in his hatching baby chick costume.


Their proud mom shared the photos on her Instagram account and they soon went viral.

In the last 24 hours, more than 100k people have already liked the fun photos, while many have commented about how cute the kids look in their Halloween costumes.

Josiah’s photo is perfectly taken, with the baby being placed on the farm right by the hen house.


“Everybody be dropping like flies from the cuteness. I can’t contain my heart from exploding” someone commented.

In the second picture, the two older siblings are posing in a beautiful hug and they really are the best.

The little boy, who has just started kindergarten, actually wants to be a firefighter when he grows up, as he shared on his first day of school.


So, dressing up as a firefighter was just right for him.

As for his little sister, many wondered what her costume was because it kind of looked like a cow costume, but her mother explained that she was a Dalmatian dog.

“Why did I think she was the Chik-fil-a cow?” someone asked, and went on that “maybe it’s time for a chicken sandwich”!


But as cute as they may look when they pose for family photos, real life is the winner every time. Indeed, in this case, too, the last photo of the two brothers is the one that made the biggest impression.

You see, Jackson, the big brother, is holding the baby in his arms smiling, while the baby is obviously crying. And this patience of his is what Instagram users loved the most.


“Love how J is still smiling while holding a crying bird!” someone wrote, while someone else commented: “I love the last photo . Jackson is just used to having a newborn around he isn’t even phased lol”

In case you need more Halloween inspiration, you can take a look at last year’s Halloween pics, when Jackson was dressed up as Spiderman and Lilah was Minnie Mouse.


Two years ago, Jackson was going through the “pilot” phase. He had declared he wanted to be a pilot when he grows up and he ended up choosing a pilot costume, too.

Baby Lilah also got a matching costume and became his co-pilot.

Plenty of ideas coming from this beautiful family! We’re so ready to go trick-or-treating now, and we can’t wait!

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