The obese bride, who was left at the altar, got even with her fiancé.

Jane’s forms have always been quite lush. Her fiancé dumped her just before the wedding. Her size was the cause. The attractive fat girl, however, chose to turn a new leaf in her life rather than becoming upset.

Jane took a full year to significantly alter her appearance. She dropped from a size 22 to a size 10, saying good-bye to her 100-kilos weight. She now weighs half as much.

The beauty exudes much more self-assurance. In the street, she once encountered her ex-fiance. He didn’t, however, recognize her. But the guy was really drawn to her physique. Jane chose to remain unrecognizable and didn’t even greet him.

The woman is confident that her former fiancé will realize who he has lost and feel regret for it.

When Jane recalls her former life with her bodacious body, she is shocked. She doesn’t comprehend the slightest reason why her ex-fiance would be considering her. Her physique was far from ideal at the time. She devoured copious amounts of sandwiches, buns, and pasta.

In actuality, Jane had always wished she could slim down. She lacked the proper drive, though. However, after being mistreated by the man she loved, she was determined to show him that he had actually lost a beautiful girl and not a fat one.

Jane has started dating her former classmate six months after her remarkable transformation. Chris looks up to his friend and encourages her in everything she does.

Jane was eating because she believed there was a lot she was missing from her relationship with her ex, transmuting the emotion into the pleasure of the food.

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