The material is totally translucent. Thongs and other showy attire. Hailey wearing the ideal attire

The material is totally translucent. Thongs and other showy attire. Hailey wearing the ideal attire

Hailey Bieber is renowned for her ability to style clothes in a way that makes them seem effortlessly stylish and cool, whether it’s a vintage shirt and cargo trouser pair or a post-Pilates ensemble. Even her most daring, fashion-forward decisions—for example, the time she wore the no-pants trend—provoke a ton of likes and comments on Instagram. And her most recent appearance, a transparent brown variation on the “naked” garment, is no different.

Hailey provided her 49.8 million Instagram fans with a “sheer” flawless appearance on December 29 when she shared a carousel of images. The creator of Rhode managed to make a completely transparent brown midi dress from Mirror Palais’ Spring/Summer 2023 collection seem high-fashion while also being absolutely appropriate for everyday wear.

The strapless dress had a high slit that drew attention to Hailey’s matching string thong, which she wore high on her hips and was embellished with a triangle-shaped satin breast overlay and embroidery. The gauzy material exuded ethereal “glowing goddess” sensations that perfectly complemented the designer’s runway style.

Hailey’s earthy outfit was finished off with two accessories: a set of silver hoops earrings and the engagement ring her husband Justin Bieber gave her.

With this wardrobe drop, our TikTok beauty tutorial queen, who never ceases to reveal how she achieves her most recent glazed donut nails update or flawless foundation and complexion, brought us yet another Pinterest-worthy cosmetics look.

The third image in the series included a close-up of Hailey’s face and highlighted her glossy lined lips, manicured brows, and sparkly champagne-hued eyelids. Her honey-brown hair was styled in a loose, wavy “bedhead” updo for the street-style star.

In case you missed it, Hails has attempted the lingerie-inspired style before. Her first appearance wearing underwear as outerwear was in 2021 at the MTV VMAs when she wore a purple skirt and bra pair.

Then in October of this year, Mrs. Bieber donned a fire lace babydoll slip, which was an incredibly simple Halloween costume. A few weeks later, she went out with Tiffany & Co. while donning a chic “naked” maxi dress.

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