The judges laughed at the girl’s choice of song. But, her performance caused them to stand up from their seats!

Isn’t it interesting how sometimes the loudest voices come from the smallest bodies?

Dermott, a playmate who is 12 years old, is a nice kid, but when it came time for her to appear on Britain’s Got Talent, she most definitely knew how to fill the big stage.

Beau was understandably nervous and energized as she performed in front of an audience under a bright spotlight, and her stress level may have increased when the adjudicators laughed when they heard the song she would be performing.

A playmate made the decision to perform the challenging song “Defying Gravity’s” from the catchy “Wicked.”

Beau performed a performance that they would never forget, regardless of the strain.

I never thought a 12-year-old girl could display both in such a lovely way, yet her song choice calls for a magnificent voice and remarkable sensitivity.

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