The guy won’t leave his wife since a fire diminished her beauty.

Turia Pitt, an Australian woman, 24, had it all: a fulfilling profession, a significant other, and beauty.

When the girl narrowly escaped death in a fire on September 2, 2011, her life was drastically changed.

Turia was able to not only survive the catastrophe but also enhance her quality of life.

On that September day, forty people started the 100-kilometer race that RacingThePlanet was hosting. Only one-fourth of the distance had been traveled by the competitors when the neighboring shrubs and grass caught fire.


Despite the fact that these types of fires are common in Australia at this time of year, the organizers failed to take any preventative measures, which led to multiple athletes—including Turia—being consumed by flames.

As the heat increased, the girl made the decision to go directly through the flames. As a result, she suffered third-degree burns, scorching 65% of her body.

Before the tragedy, Turia had a career as a model and was one of the Miss Australia competitors. In a diamond mine, she was a mining engineer.


She dated Michael, a classmate from high school.

The girl claimed that she exceeded all of her expectations. But in an instant, everything changed. During that terrible moment in the hospital, she recalled wondering herself why the physicians were able to save her life.

Turia spent a total of 864 days in hospitals. She had more than 200 surgeries, one of which involved reconstructing her nearly completely burned-out nose. Five fingers had to be amputated.

The wounds healed over time. But Turia was unable to coerce herself to leave the house. She believed that people would be attracted to her face and hands due to their abnormalities.

Turia and Michael remained close during this trying period.

Even though the girl was in urgent care, he gave his father a diamond ring and made the pledge, “If she lives, I will marry her.” In answer, he responded, “Well done, dude.”

In addition to feeding, dressing, and training his loved one to walk, Michael quit his work to take care of them while they were in the hospital.

Michael then explained to reporters why he had behaved so disrespectfully, saying, “My fiancée is still the same gorgeous and lively girl with whom I fell in love. She is unchanged; just her skin has changed.

Turia was convinced by Michael that beauty goes beyond having a perfect body. It shows up in the way we behave, move, speak, look at others, and act.

The girl was inspired by his words and was resolved to live life to the fullest.

“I had to go through horrible things. I was aware that Michael was by my side, though. Because of his and my family’s devotion, Turia was able to survive.

Michael Hoskins proposed to his fiancée in the Maldives in 2015 by putting the same ring she had been wearing for four years on her finger. Additionally, in December 2017, the couple welcomed a son, named Hakawai.

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