Teen melts hearts offering a ‘friendly hand’ to baby koala

Koalas are truly sweet animals — and while the adults are cute themselves, the babies are downright adorable.

Koalas usually keep to themselves, but once in a while, someone gets to have an incredible encounter with one. That was the case with Meagan Pfitzner and her son.

They found a koala mom and joey right outside their home in Adelaide, Australia, and Meagan was able to capture a sweet video of her son interacting with the baby.

The mother koala was sipping water from a puddle with her joey outside the Pfitzners’ home when the unique encounter took place.

You can see the young boy pick off a leaf and slowly inch his way toward the koalas, who at this point was watching him with curiosity.

The mother koala stares for a while then turns back to the pond and continues to drink but her little one’s interest was piqued.

After what seemed like a minute, the little mammal starts sniffing the leaf from the boy’s outstretched arm.

They seem nice, mom.

Finally unable to contain himself, the little Koala slowly clambers his way off his mom’s back and approaches the young Pfitzner.

And the koala mom’s reaction?

Nothing. She continues to sip her water unfazed by what her young was doing. She must have been really thirsty!

The little Koala continues his adorable scramble and makes his way to the young boy’s arm and proceeds to climb up.

Curiosity can be this cute.

Peace offering accepted! From a shocked expression to one of obvious delight, the young boy smiles at his mom as he slowly lifts the joey up together with his victorious leaf.

At this point, the little Kkoala seemed more interested in his new friend than that leaf!

“We were just so amazed that the Koalas were so trusting and comfortable with us. I’ve never experienced anything like this before.” Meagan said

Meagan even warns her son to watch out for the mother koala in case she attacks him. But koala mom was unfazed!

Perhaps like Meagan, the mother Koala sensed no danger and trusted her own child the same way her human neighbors did.

Can we keep him, mom?

These cuddly animals are often called bears but are actually marsupials or pouched mammals. Female Koalas carry their young for six months in their pouches.

The baby Koala then learns to cling to its mother’s back or belly up until they turn a year old. They can sleep for up to eighteen hours a day, tucked in the nooks of trees.

Lucky then for the young boy to have seen this mother and her joey. This plump and cuddly creature seems to love his new friend. He doesn’t want to get off!

“I don’t think the little thing wanted to leave us.” Meagan said

Will you come visit me again?

After a little coaxing, the little mammal slowly climbs down and has an adorable moment with his friend.

He stares at the young boy’s face in spite of the young man’s insistence that he return to his mom.

As the boy gets up and turns to leave, the little joey takes a step forward seemingly wanting to follow his new human buddy.

The boy has to point his fuzzy friend back towards his mother who at this point was still drinking.

The little joey climbs right onto his mom’s back, and he seems to kiss her, adding an adorable button to an already adorable scene. This is truly the cutest video around.

Check out the adorable interaction for yourself in the video below!

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