Teachers show students there’s more to them than just teaching with incredible dance routine

Teachers are often the first ones to shy away from school performances, but this group of teachers at Blaine High School is different.

In a YouTube video posted by Emily Anderson, the high school teachers impressed a gymnasium full of students with their incredible dance moves.

The students didn’t see it coming.

The group prepared this performance specifically for the school’s Sno Daze Pepfest. Sno Daze is typically a week-long celebration.

It’s like homecoming but not quite.

During this fest, members of the school are encouraged to participate in various activities, teachers and students alike. Students always look forward to Sno Daze.

It’s that time of the year to put the books aside and create the best memories with friends and classmates.

To make the year’s Sno Daze Pepfest extra special, the lovely teachers of Blaine High School came up with a dance number every single student would come to love.

They practiced day and night to make the performance one for the books.

Indeed, it was extremely memorable.

The video started with a man walking across the court with a guitar in one hand and a chair in the other. Then, three other men with guitars showed up as well.

Loud cheers from their beloved students filled up the whole room.

The gentlemen put their guitars down, gathered in the middle of the gym, and gave out the performance of their lives. One of them did a flawless double pirouette.

That alone got the crowd screaming.

Then, they started bustin’ some impressive moves to the tune of Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance with Somebody.”

Then, the song switched to Young Blood’s “5 Seconds of Summer.” The group of male teachers continued to showcase their amusing and outstanding choreography.

They sure did practice well for this.

They got the whole crowd cheering. The students even started to sing along to the tune.

As the next song creeps in, the lights turned off, highlighting their handheld lights which made the whole performance extra entertaining. Talk about creativity.

At this time, students went ahead to turn on their phone flashlights as well. They all moved in perfect synchronization.

Then they picked their guitars up.

They urged everyone in the gym to stand up and dance with them. Everything was incredible. It’s easy to see in the video how everyone was having the grandest time.

A lot of viewers also expressed their appreciation for the high school teachers’ awesome performance.

One commenter wrote, “What a wonderful group of teachers and you can practically feel the love that the students have for them.”

“Wow high school has changed since I was a student. And the teachers were enjoying it a little too much. Love it! With teachers like that it’s easy to see why the kids are enjoying it so much,” another one remarked.

Indeed, these teachers created a lasting memory their students and co-employees can remember for a lifetime.

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