Talanted Labrador sings along with favorite tenor Pavarotti on “O Sole Mio”

Hugo is a beautiful Labrador who adores opera music and feels every note of the sogs when his owner switches music for him.

One day Hugo and his owner were watching Tv when one of Hugo’s favorite songs started. It was “O Sole Mio” by three wonderful tenors Plácido Domingo, José Carreras, and Luciano Pavarotti.

The dog was touched and listened to the music very attentively as it was his favorite song ad he knew every note by heart. But when it was Pavarotti’s turn the dog knew that he would start to sing and began to howl with him.

The owner was astonished and started to film it to show Hugo’s online fans. The dog was very talented as he didn’t just howled where it wasn’t neccessary but like a professional he sand where he should.

This video will make you giggle as th talanted dog smashed it.

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