Sweetest pregnant pittie won’t stop hugging her rescuer after she’s saved

When Carly and Jackie first met Poppy, she was lying on the sidewalk in Mexico.

The poor pit bull was “hugely pregnant.”

Poppy was skittish at first, but when Carly got closer, Poppy just kind of leaned into her.

They had an immediate bond. Carly cuddled the black pit bull and told her that she was safe as she and Jackie drove her to the vet.

The vet held Poppy for two days, where she got a checkup and was given a flea bath.

Carly and Jackie made sure to visit Poppy every day she was at the vet. The cutest thing happened on the way home from the vet.

Poppy was so happy to be out of there and in the hands of her loving rescuers.

She hugged Jackie, who was driving, the entire way home.

And she wouldn’t let go. And she was smiling the entire time. It was just too sweet and adorable for words.

When Poppy got to Carly and Jackie’s house, she just made herself right at home.

“She kind of came in the house and jumped on the couch and laid down,” Jackie told The Dodo. “She’s real chill and doesn’t like to do anything crazy. She just likes to sleep. That’s pretty much what she did when we brought her home.

Poppy went into labor from 11 p.m. to 4 a.m. Jackie had never delivered puppies before, but Carly had some experience.

Still, they never expected Poppy to give birth to nine puppies.

“They just kept coming!” Jackie said.

According to Dog Leash Pro, a pit bull litter can have between five and 10 puppies.

Sometimes even up to 14.

Poppy was a fantastic mother. She would hug and cuddle her babies on top of feeding them. Jackie and Carly soon fell in love with this big pit bull family.

“They’ve made my days a lot happier,” Jackie said.

Still, they would eventually all need to find loving forever homes.

Jackie and Carly were able to find new homes for each and every one of Poppy’s puppies.

But that wasn’t the case with Poppy.

That’s because Jackie and Carly already had a loving home for Poppy: their home.

“I’m a believer that you get the dog that you need when you need them,” Jackie said. “She’s so sweet, she’s the best dog ever. She really is.”

Poppy’s story was picked up by The Dodo where it was viewed more than 18 million times!

“Some pitties are just born to be loving and sweet. It looks like this momma pittie certainly is!” said one commenter.

“If each of those scars could tell a story. She has so many. You just know she has been through a lot.😥So glad she was rescued and given a forever home. Glad her puppies came into the world in a safe and loving environment too,” said another.

“So happy she was rescued before the babies came. That’s a lot of puppies,” and another.

Watch Poppy’s story in the video below.

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