Sweet dog who survived being cruelly beaten and shot in the face wins everyone’s hearts

There is no need to talk much about the bad things that happen to dogs, because mostly they always suffer from bad moods of people.

This little miracle that managed to survive the bad things that befell him, such as the beating and the shooting in the face, did not leave viewers of ITV’s “This Morning” indifferent,


Millie suffered terrible damage from several children while she was still very young. Her face was completely disfigured after several shots to the head. They tried to kill her, but this amazing miracle survived.


A real man’s soul will ache when he sees something like this. That little, sweet, innocent creature perished for no reason.

But Millie decided to hold on as long as she could and so she managed to survive even though the consequences are clearly visible.


She no longer has the normal snout she had, she still carries the two bullets in her head that hit her. It’s hard for anyone who has had a sensitive one at all to even think of poor Mille.

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