Stray dog desperately needing help doesn’t want to be rescued without her tiny best friend

Dogs deserve the best lives, don’t you think so?

Unfortunately, there are still people who abandon and abuse dogs. Even though many people are rescuing them, the numbers keep on increasing.

Seeing a stray or abandoned animal being rescued gives us hope and inspires us to do the same.

There is something about their eyes when they realize they are being rescued.

Two years ago, Ray Animal Rescue found a big stray dog.

Her skin condition was obvious, she needed lots of treatments. Looking at her, you will definitely notice her huge paws.

Even if she had a rough life on the streets, she was so sweet. Her tail wagged at the sight of her rescuers.

It’s as if she knew these people were there for her.

Mrs. Bald, as one rescuer called her, ran towards them and showed affection. Then she immediately left.

This baffled the rescuers. She was obviously sweet, but where did she go? They tried looking for her for almost an hour, and then Mrs. Bald came back with a companion, a tiny fluffy dog named Hugo.

Mrs. Bald knew who they were and the smart dog refused to get rescued alone. That’s why she ran to fetch her friend.

According to the rescuers, the big dog had terrible mites that caused almost all of her fur to disappear, not to mention the red spots on her body.

She was so sweet and gentle and would give her paws to her rescuers.

The team from Ray Animal Rescue didn’t have a hard time bringing them to the vet.

Vets cleared Hugo and soon he found his forever family.

As for Mrs. Bald, she received medicated baths for two long months. Soon, her rescuers changed her name to Elsa.

What a pretty name for this big, gentle dog.

Everyone focused on treating Elsa and Raisa had to bring her home with her as a foster.

Unfortunately, because of her size, the other dogs avoided her.

Six months later, Elsa’s transformation shocked everyone!


From a dog full of mites and skin irritations to a big, healthy dog that seemed to be covered in snow.

Her name fits her!

Andreea and Maria saw Raisa’s post of Elsa wearing a Santa hat. Raisa posted the photo looking for a foster home for two to three days.


When they saw Elsa, her size scared them. She was huge, but there was something about her that made Andreea and Maria fall in love with her.

Then, there was a family who came to see Elsa and decided not to adopt her. At that moment, both Andreea and Maria knew Elsie belonged to them.

It was a foster fail, and they couldn’t be happier.



Oh, did you know you can follow her on her Instagram account? This fluffy princess has 10K followers.

Elsa and Hugo shared so many memories together. Now, they live comfortably with their forever family.



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