Stray Cat Photobombs News Segment And Reporter Can’t Stop Laughing About It

Reporter Artur Lira had another college that day during his report on the arrest.

When the reporter was standing in front of the camera and reporting on an arrest suddenly a stray cat approached the ma and started cuddling with him.

It is not a secret that cats need attention every time and anywhere. They may sit in front of the TVs and wait for hours until someone pays attention to them. This time the cat wanted not only to sit in front of the TV but also to air and be a part of the TV program. The reporter couldn’t keep his laughter anymore and laughed out loud.

And the cat was succeeded to meet especially Lira as he turned out to be a very attentive reporter. He liked the cat so much that took home andeven found a forever home for him. He posted the cat’s photos and the video on Facebook and his aunt Josineide Guedes Lira wanted to adopr the cute cat. He named the cat Frajola Delegato. The cat would live in a large garage where he could run and jump and play with various things. Due to the kind man now the cat has an owner.

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