Stepdad uses family photo shoot to surprise stepdaughter with “adoption proposal”

On social media, you have undoubtedly seen thousands of touching and romantic proposals, and each one gets more original.

It always ends with a girl saying her lovely yes and then crying with delight as she is ready to be surprised by her significant other.

But this particular proposal caught the hearts of many.

A proposal that went viral did not follow the typical form of other proposals you might have seen.

Tim Bobbit got down on one knee and asked Kylee, his wife’s daughter, if he could become her father.

He wanted to become her dad—officially.

Tim and Kylee developed a kinship that only a father-daughter relationship can have despite not being blood relatives. The middle school student welcomed Tim with wide arms open and gave him the impression that he was her biological father.

Kylee’s strongest supporter is Tim. He often showed up to Kylee’s dance and cheering events.

The bond they have created is beyond special.

Tim has grown to be Kylee’s best friend, and the two of them even play video games together in their free time.

Kylee read a letter to Tim at the altar at his wedding to Annie, pleading for him to adopt her. Tim didn’t waste any time and put in all the necessary effort to fulfill Kylee’s request.

The only thing left for Tim to do now that everything has been completed is to inform Kylee that she will always be Tim’s daughter.

Tim and Annie agreed that surprising Kylee would be a terrific idea. In order for Tim to make the proposal when Kylee least expects it, they set up a faux picture session.

The little girl had no idea.

When the time was right, Tim got down on one knee and gave his speech before asking the big question.

“I absolutely love going to all your cheer and dance comps,” Tim remarked. “I love watching you grow into the beautiful young lady you are. I love being the person you come to when you are hurt or scared. I love holding your hand when we walk through the store or when you’re scared to ride the roller coaster.”

And the tearjerking speech doesn’t stop there!

“But most of all, Kylee,” he continued. “I look forward to the day I can walk you down the aisle when you get married because that’s what fathers do. The reason why I can say that is because today, in front of all our family and friends is the day I get to adopt you.”

The little girl, who was crying uncontrollably, hugged her new father.

And off they went to finalize the adoption.

The three set off for the courtroom to complete the adoption of Kylee by filing the necessary documents. Tim, Annie, and Kylee left the courthouse before the day was out as a single legal family.

Indeed, blood doesn’t make a family, love does.

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