Starving Dog With A Broken Jaw Transformed Remarkable After Treatment

The Animal Rescue Service has been informed that a stray dog has been observed and has not moved for two days. ilovemydogsomuch writes that this poor angel is undoubtedly hungry, suffering and dying. The rescue team quickly arrived on the scene and took the dog, named Dory, outside. They administered emergency medical treatment to stabilize the situation. The transformation is incredible!

This story is sure to warm your heart.

When Dory arrived at the rescue center, tests revealed that her jaw was broken. She was so weak she couldn’t even stand upright. She couldn’t eat and was exhausted. The rescue team wired Dory’s jaw to heal it and gave her intravenous food and lots of love.

Watch this video to see how amazing the vets and volunteers are. Dory has undergone a dramatic transformation!

Thanks to caring people asking for help and the tireless efforts of the rescue team and vets, Dory will live her life as the exuberant dog she was meant to be! If you see an animal in need, don’t close your eyes. One phone call can change their life.

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