Sleepless-Dog Can Close Her Eyes For The First Time Since Her Rescue When She Lays Beside Woman

The cute dog, who was later named Bella, spent her life in a shelter, according to ilovemydogsomuch. Dog shelters in Romania are not like those in the US. Dogs are often kept outdoors and conditions are far from ideal. Due to poverty in Romania, shelters don’t receive enough food from donors, so the dogs don’t eat as much as they should. Bella was weak and scared. She had never been held or loved. Her stay in the shelter broke her heart.

The rescuers and the lovely Bella go straight to the vet. In the car she sits next to her new human friend and smiles calmly. As she is shown love, she realizes that her life is about to change.

Bella was completely exhausted. Staff at the shelter told rescuers that Bella was barely sleeping. She was struggling to feel safe in her kennel. She began to close her eyes as she was stroked where she sat. It’s amazing to see her finally relax.

Then Bella does something very reassuring. She puts her head in her Savior’s lap. She manages to get some sleep on the way to the vet’s office. In the car everything is quiet and the woman next to her is kind and gentle. Just what Bella needs. Feeling safe is the most important thing for a dog. Since this video was made, Bella has found her forever family and is living a happy life.

Please feel free to share Bella’s short video and story. Everyone should witness the first peace of mind of a dog coming from a shelter. It is important to give a home to dogs currently living in shelters and waiting for love.

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