Sick Puppy Clinging To Life In Litter Strewn Puddle Found By Rescuers In The Nick Of Time

Jeevith had a difficult time, but she showed an incredible will to survive. It’s no secret that surviving as a stray on the streets is incredibly difficult. The memories of rescuing some pets are truly remarkable. The story of this terrible little dog is truly one of them. It is a miracle that this puppy survived. The pictures are worth a thousand words: This puppy was in a truly horrible situation and called a dirty puddle full of garbage home. The dog, named Jeevith, was spotted one day in a filthy puddle in a large Indian town. Her situation was terrible. Just look at her frail bones and her unkempt coat. It was certainly protected by the dirt. It looked as if the stray dog had not eaten for weeks and was ready to die. Luckily, someone spotted the four-legged girl and wanted to help her.

A passer-by posted some pictures on Facebook in the hope that an animal welfare organisation would see them and help the little dog. It didn’t take long for the post to go viral. Many people asked a vet to examine the animal. For the first time in a long time, the animal’s condition improved slightly. Animal welfare organisation KAW (Kannan Animal Welfare) sent volunteers to inspect the ditch where Jeevith was lying, hoping it wasn’t too late. It seemed that the terrible dog didn’t have much time left.

Fortunately, they managed to find her and she has now been taken to the vet. Although the scientific examination was once practically necessary, it also printed the extent of Jeevith’s injuries, and she is particularly frightening, read also. Her life was in danger and she was given a drip for three hours as she could not move.

Tragically, his eye, which had been devoured by worms, could not be saved. The way it all happened was truly frightening. Jeevith was confronted by flies that decided her fur was the best place to lay their eggs. When the maggots hatched, they began devouring her body and face while Jeevith was still alive.

Add to that the terrible malnutrition, and it’s no harder to understand why this dog was rescued in a hurry. Although it was very difficult to recover, Jeevith became a little more beneficial day by day.

With the help of doctors who treated her and gave her plenty of food and water, she slowly but surely managed to get out of the tunnel. After a few days, she was even able to walk on her own.

She looks nothing like the pictures in the dirty pool. Jeevith’s recovery went very well, but the best information did not leave her. Some people had already come forward to adopt her. She managed to find a loving home after not too long.

Although she will never fully recover from the accidents and trauma she suffered, she now has a happy life ahead of her in a loving family, writes Jeevith reminds us why animal lovers should adopt, not buy.

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