Sick pit bull forms connection with 2-yr-old that saves her & now they have the sweetest friendship

Picking the perfect dog from the shelter can sometimes be a hard decision. After all, they’re not just a pet, they’re going to be the next addition to your family.

“Mommy, that one!”

But one little girl named “G” had no problem choosing which one to take home. The girl’s mother, Audra Spurio, recorded a video of her toddler pointing to a very sickly pit bull shaking in the back of the kennel.

“Let the doggy out. Need help.”

After watching the sad pittie place her front paws on top of the bars, the 2-year-old was even more firm in her decision to adopt her.

According to The Washing Post, pit bulls spend 3 times as long at shelters than dogs who don’t have that label.

“Being labeled a pit bull can doom a shelter dog’s chances of adoption.”

This was a dog who “didn’t have a name, she stunk like mange and had snot running from her nose.” She had all but given up on life, but G gave her new hope.

At first, the scared dog panicked and refused to walk when the adults tried to take her out of the kennel. But the moment G took the leash, she was more than happy to be led around the shelter.

The little girl was instantly drawn to the senior pooch, and the connection between the two is almost too sweet for words!

Many shelters have a play area where you can get to know your potential new pet. So when the two girls finally got a chance to go outside and play on the grass, this doggie came back to life!

Wherever the toddler went, the dog followed. When G ran, the pittie ran right with her!

And when they needed to have a private chat away from the prying ears of adults, they conspired to squeeze themselves into a nearby dog house.

G was a natural at being a doggy mommy and seemed to instinctively know how to take care of her own.

When she noticed that the pup had a runny nose and crusty eyes, G didn’t hesitate to wipe away the goop with the hem of her pretty blue dress.

“Doggy sick, need help,” she promptly informed her mother.

G didn’t care what the dog looked like or smelled like. All she wanted to do was give the pupper some hugs, kisses, and belly rubs!

When Audra put the pitbull back into the kennel, the dog started shaking uncontrollably. G turned to her and said, “Sick dog, need help, go home.”

At that point, it wasn’t even a question that the dog was going home with them.

It was just a matter of giving her a new name – Scarlett – and then signing the final adoption papers!

They’re like two old souls meeting up for the first time in this lifetime, and they were going to spend it together – furrever.

Watch the video below to see this toddler and pit bull fall hard for each other.

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