Shy shelter dog loses it when he realizes he’s being adopted

Being chosen is one of the best feelings in the world.

For dogs who were given up, they could only rely on luck so their lives can change for the better. Maybe the perfect family saw them on social media, or was told on by a friend to a prospective owner – the chances are low and the stakes are high.

The reality is some dogs or other shelter animals for that matter reach the point that where their stay is just a bit “too long”. And the consequences for that are unfairly cruel.

This is the story of Benny.

Benny is a shelter dog. In a video that was released on different parts of the web, Benny can be seen anxiously waiting from the other side of the kennel – the side that can only hope that things could get better.


It wasn’t specified how he got here and for how long he has been staying except that he was abandoned. And the heartbreaking reality is that he might be put to sleep if no one adopts him.

It was alleged that Benny was staying at a “high-kill” shelter based in Gardena, California.

Unbeknownst to Benny, his life was about to change in the biggest ways.

He has been waiting for someone to adopt him for weeks and it was easy to give up since he found no success all throughout his stay.

Then, he might’ve sensed something in the air. Benny was surprisingly tense and excited. You can see someone moving on the other side of the door and Benny was excitedly waiting for them.

Benny just couldn’t contain his excitement.

You can see his tail wagging like a wiper in the middle of a storm. His feet are tapping every now and then and his whole body was shaking in hopeful anticipation.

Then, the video says that the day that Benny was waiting for all his life was finally coming true. A person entered his kennel and offered him a leash.

Then, from behind the camera, someone greets “Hi, Benny!”

He was taken out of the kennel and Benny just can’t help but explode in happiness. He was jumping on his owners and the camera people. The staff couldn’t even keep up with his energy. Benny was practically pulling the staff member.

He was then escorted out of the facility and into the parking area. Benny must’ve sensed what was happening because he became a big ball of giddiness.

As a dog who lived in the shelter since he was 8 months old, having a family is truly a dream come true. He can now live his life in comfort and love without the fear of being put down.

If you can, please adopt and don’t shop.

Just last year, there was an increase in shelter pets killed in shelters. From 347,000, the number jumped to 355,000.

Another way to reduce this number is by spaying and neutering your pets. This will decrease the number of unwanted and unexpected pets.

So if you’re planning to get a pet, make sure to visit your nearest shelter first. Who knows, you might just be a blessing to someone like Benny.

Watch the reaction of this dog when he learned he was getting adopted.

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