Shy shelter dog completely falls in love with owner’s boyfriend

It’s always nerve-wracking introducing your pet to a new romantic partner. What if the animal doesn’t like your partner? How will you get them to get along?

But sometimes, things work out better than you could even imagine.

When Abby Schulte introduced Harvey to her boyfriend Ethan, she had no idea they would start a relationship of their own.

Abby and Ethan had been going out for two years. Abby recently adopted a super shy dog named Harvey (since the pup was rescued after Hurricane Harvey).

Harvey was so shy that he hated being around people, so Abby assumed she would have to keep Harvey and Ethan apart.

“Harvey is terrified of people,” Abby told The Dodo. “When I first had him, he would not let anyone else near him except for me.”

After Harvey got settled into her home for a few days, she decided to invite Ethan over to meet Harvey.

But he didn’t cower in the corner this time.

Harvey ended up falling head over heels for Ethan in what was the beginning of a beautiful bromance between the two.

Abby was shocked to see Harvey’s demeanor change so quickly.

“Harvey was immediately 100 percent comfortable with him,” Abby said. “It was crazy to see how much they enjoyed each other’s company. I’m not sure why they hit it off so quickly, but I like to think it’s because Harvey is a good judge of character.”

Harvey is still shy around other humans, but he and Ethan are bros.

“They are always affectionate,” Abby said. “Harvey loves to cuddle and will always cuddle with Ethan. I think my dog now loves him more than he loves me!”

Harvey jumps around and goes wild when Ethan comes over.

She even caught the pair stealing a smooch in a video that went viral on Twitter with over 8 million views.

In fact, Abby is getting a little bit jealous these days and sometimes questions her decision to introduce the two.

“Sometimes I do feel a bit jealous of how much he loves Ethan,” Abby said, “but I know Harvey loves me just as much, so I always get over it.”

She’s just really glad that Harvey is surrounded by people who love him, regardless of who they are.

She says that Harvey’s relationship with Ethan has had a positive impact on her dog.

“He has completely changed,” Abby said. “He has opened up so much. He is so much more confident in himself and won’t freak out when someone reaches out to pet him.”

It’s so sweet to see how much these two love each other, and we’re so glad Harvey has found such a wonderful place to call home. What a great story.

Check out the adorable video of Ethan and Harvey cuddling below!

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