Shy pup bounces with joy leaving shelter with his new forever family

Once it clicked for Benny that he was getting adopted, he couldn’t contain his excitement.

It’s painful to see cats and dogs roaming the streets, looking for food and seeking shelter. Some end up getting sick because of the environment they’re left to survive in, while some fall victim to more brutal animals or cruel individuals who feel no remorse for mistreating these innocent creatures.

That’s why animal shelters must be supported in every way possible.

The people who tirelessly rescue and care for strays know that these animals are worth fighting for; they deserve better homes, healthier food, and love to keep them happy throughout their short lives.

Carson Shelter is an animal facility located in California.

Saving Carson Shelter Dogs, on the other hand, is a Facebook page dedicated to using social media to introduce shelter dogs to users who may want to adopt.

The team behind the Facebook page takes photos of the dogs and, along with the dogs’ names, posts ID numbers and essential information like medical conditions or traumatic histories. These details make it quicker for families to see which ones they want to take care of and bring home.

One special Pitbull named Benny was among the rescued dogs who spent time at the shelter.

It’s hard to believe his sweet face and playful demeanor didn’t quickly warm the hearts of people who stopped by, but it’s nice to know that despite not having a home, he was well taken care of by the people at Carson Shelter. However, his life was still on the line…

Benny must have known that that day would be extraordinary, judging from how he kept wiggling and pacing excitedly. The person behind the camera and the other people were overjoyed at seeing the friendly dog’s reaction, too.

Finally, Benny found a home and a family that would love him.

The family of three that came down to fetch Benny couldn’t wait to hold the leash and lead him outside the shelter. They were all smiles, especially when Benny started jumping excitedly on their way out. Captioned his “freedom walk,” Benny’s video gained millions of views and thousands of comments. Followers of the Saving Carlson Shelter Dogs Facebook page expressed their joy for the sweet Pitbull.

One user shared,

“Love it. We visited with Benny lots. He is the sweetest pup. We considered adopting him. We requested his temp test, and he unsurprisingly scored a B. We thought he would be a little too much energy for our kids, though, so once we found out that there was another family interested in adopting him, we relinquished our right to adopt Benny and adopted our Lhasa-Terrier mix love bug. So glad Benny is home.”

If only it were possible to adopt all dogs in the shelter and love and care for them equally!

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