Shouldn’t Have Rolled Down Window & Flipped The Bird: Corvette Driver

An easily irritated motorist lowered down the window of his red Corvette and decided to flip the guy the bird when a pickup truck was only attempting to join into the right lane. He learned a painful lesson at that time that he won’t soon forget. He won’t likely do the same error again anytime soon, but did he receive the justice he deserved? Your choice

In a now-viral video from Tacoma, Washington, a red Corvette made the decision to learn road manners the hard way. There are few things more irritating than other drivers who don’t show any regard for their fellow road users. It is so simple to comprehend why the driver of a Dodge pickup truck started to get irritated when all he needed was a room to get into the right lane of traffic.

He was confronted by an uneducated sports car driver who was disrespectful and refused to let him into the highway exit lane. The man lowered down the window of his red Corvette to give the truck driver the finger rather than allowing the pickup to pass. Angry, the driver of the Dodge spotted the ideal occasion to exact his road rage retaliation, and fortunately for us, another driver’s dashboard-mounted camera captured it all.

The red Corvette driver left himself wide open, both metaphorically and physically, when he pulled down the window to give the Dodge driver the finger while refusing to let the truck into his lane. As the Dodge driver strategically positioned his car and revved his engine in retribution, shooting a tailpipe full of smoke straight into the Corvette’s open window and into its driver’s face, the Corvette driver immediately discovered what a foolish decision he had done.

When the smoke takes approximately five seconds to clear, the person capturing the scene in the car behind the Dodge can be heard giggling. The individual who was filming the scene claimed the risky maneuver produced the desired outcome once the dense, black cloud of smoke passed. Evidently having learnt his lesson, the Corvette’s driver let the truck to enter, according to Daily Mail.

The person who submitted the video online explained, “I was going through traffic around Seattle and spotted a Corvette not wanting to allow a Dodge join over into the lane, then the Dodge drove next him. “The Dodge owner coaled him with so much smoke that you couldn’t even see the driver in the car as the Corvette driver was rolling down his window and prepared to flip him off. In the end, he did let the vehicle to pass.

Stopping to allow someone enter or exit traffic only takes a moment. Sadly, a lot of individuals are losing their tolerance, respect, and manners. It follows that other drivers occasionally respond to the selfishness and try to teach nasty road ragers a lesson on how to drive like a good human being. Did the Dodge driver, however, go too far?

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