She skipped seeing her mum. What the “ugly” daughter of Vivien Leigh appeared to be

Vivien was brought up in a convent boarding home but dreamed of acting. When Vivien enrolled at the Academy of Dramatic Arts at the age of 18, she met a man who was at least 30 years old. Even though Herbert Lee Holman, a lawyer, was engaged at the time, Vivien decided she would still meet the perfect man. You may have guessed that Herbert would be helpless in the face of the actress’s charm. Vivienne and Herbert had a daughter as a result of their relationship.

He did not share Vivien’s interests, and prayed that her love of movies would soon be made irrelevant. On the other hand, Vivien dreamed of a career in the theater. After making an appearance in the film Gone with the Wind, Lee quickly became a Hollywood celebrity.

Vivien Leigh’s father raised her as a baby; she saw her mother only seldom. Susannah had thought her mother had mistreated her for a very long time. Vivien swiftly lost interest in raising a family and married Laurence Olivier, leaving her husband behind. Susanna was still in her father’s custody. Li did not mourn much while looking for a job. As soon as her only daughter was still alive, the actress got in touch with her.

Susanna was able to put her mother’s shortcomings in the past. Vivien Leigh was not supposed to see her grandkids, even though the actress intended to see Susanna’s children as adults. The actress passed away at age 53.

Four years ago, Susanna passed away after devoting her life to raising her heirs. She was an elderly woman of 82.

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