Senior dog reunites with her beloved mom after months apart

Her senior dog went missing during a family vacation. It took fireworks and a few Good Samaritans to finally find her.

While on a family vacation, Fiona, a senior dog, was separated from her family.

No one in her family knew what happened to her and where she could have gone. They asked the help of Mitchell County Animal Rescue for help in finding her. Fiona had a microchip so it was easy to identify if she was the right dog.

Fast forward a month later. Marilyn Williams was watching a local fireworks show with a few other people when they saw an animal run and hide under a car. At first, they thought the animal was a fox. But they discovered it was actually a dog when they peeked under the car.

The dog looked really scared and they knew she needed help.

They tried their best to encourage her to come out from under the car but she was too scared. They didn’t give up and kept inviting her out. Eventually, she agreed but ran and jumped in the car through the driver’s side.

They didn’t mind, as long as she was out from under the car.

Marilyn and her husband took her home for the night, where they cleaned and fed her. They even treated the small cut she had on her face.

“She was very quiet and timid,” Williams told The Dodo. “She never barked once. She never made a peep.”

The next day, Marilyn called the Mitchell County Animal Rescue shelter so she can be reunited with her owners.

And true enough, the shelter was able to reunite the dog immediately!

The shelter staff recognized the senior dog as Fiona, who went missing a little more than a month ago. In fact, her missing poster was taped to their door.

They scanned her microchip and confirmed that it is Fiona!

They immediately called Fiona’s mom, who went immediately to pick up Fiona.

“So happy for this Girl! Thank you to the finder. You bring smiles to life and joy to this world by caring. Taking precious time to do a little unexpected work. Look what you did,” Michelle Hobson commented on the video.

As soon as Fiona heard her mom’s voice, she perked up and got really excited.

When she rushed to her mom, her tail would not stop wagging.

“Oh my goodness this gave me chills! The look on the dog’s face when she saw her owner. Glad for a happy ending,” Angie Trapp added.

This is a perfect example of why it’s important to get your pets microchipped.

It’s easy, inexpensive, and won’t hurt the animal.

There are a few reasons why it’s always good to microchip your pet.

It serves as your pet’s identification that will never get lost. A dog tag or leash works but it can be removed. Or maybe you had just removed their leash with your pet’s name and your name and they ran off.

And if they get lost or run off, whoever finds them will be able to bring them back to you.

So consider getting your pet microchipped now if they haven’t been yet.

Watch the emotional but happy reunion between mom and dog in the video below.

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