Senior Dog In Shelter Puts Paw On Woman And Lets Her Know Its Time

Senior dogs are doomed to stay in shelters for a very long time as the adopters prefer puppies.

This senior dog was in awful condition. He was skin and bones and had bald patches on his back and 0ther parts of the body. All the visitors passed indifferently by his cage except for a kind woman.

The rescuer was from the Northwest Dog Project called Emma. She signed the adoption documents and took the senior dog home. The dog was going great with his new owner but one day the dog came to be bloated.

Emma took him to the hospital and soon the dog was diagnosed with end-stage heart failure. The vets thought it was the last time they saw the dog but after the surgery, the dog welcomed hs owner with a pleasant smile.

The senior dog proved to everyone that if you have hope then everything can be overcome.

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