See the internet viral dance as the boy gripped his mother’s hand as his favorite song began to play.

The key is how we address them. Most individuals encounter sleep problems at some time in their life. Some individuals read, some listen to music, whilst others take drugs when things are very difficult.

Nevertheless, a woman and her son have found a way to treat insomnia that is considerably more successful, and they use it to make millions of people happy.

As soon as Lance could walk, he began dancing with his mother Lucy, who surely passed on to him her passion of dance and music.

So when Lucy insisted one night that she wasn’t weary, Lance knew precisely what to do to put her to sleep.

The moment Megan Traynor’s son “Dear Husband” began to play, Lance, now a husband and father of two, was ready to dance and clasp his devoted mother in his arms.

While the rest of the family captured the wonderful scene as the two danced flawlessly together, Lance’s daughter applauded from the side.

They not only dance well, but they also make really funny faces.

Halfway through the song, Lucy turns to the camera and explains, “That’s what happened to folks who can’t fall asleep in Louisiana.”

Soon after the video got online, millions of people viewed it, and hundreds of them shared it because they admired the mother and son dancers. It’s clear that both Lucy and Lance enjoy dancing with their children and working together.

Lucy says something at the conclusion of the dance that makes the entire family laugh so hard that Lance must fall to the floor. These two are so much fun together!

In the video below below, a mother and son have a tender moment together.

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