Santa Claus is a flattened, overgrown mess; you won’t recognize him.

Russell Crowe is not one of the many actors who grow better looking as they age. He no longer recognizes the famed gladiator, who once stood for the epitome of manhood.

An Australian actor was able to rule Hollywood and become well-known throughout the world. The American epic films “Gladiator,” “Master of the Seas: At the End of the Universe,” “Noah,” and “The Mummy,” for which he won an Oscar, all featured him.

No high-profile project was finished in the aughts without Crowe’s help. The actor is not only an outstanding skill, but also wonderfully handsome. Male-like features, piercing eyes, and thick beard drove millions of women wild.

However, that confident, attractive man is not present at this time. Now that Crowe, 58, has lost some weight and his gray beard, he resembles a cheery Santa Claus. Despite his enormous success in Hollywood, Russell remains devoted to his own Australia. The actor spends a lot of time on his farm, where he has been raising cows for some time.

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