Ron Howard wept when his mom got a movie role years after giving up acting dream to raise them

If you watched Apollo 13, Matilda, and Scrooged, there is a big chance that you have already seen Jean Speegle Howard in action.

The American actress was the wife of actor Rance Howard.

Born and raised in Oklahoma, Jean Speegle pursued studying theater.

While studying at the University of Oklahoma, she met her husband.

The couple went to various places while working as actors for a children’s theater company.

After being together for almost two years, the married couple had children.


Jean gave up her acting career to focus on her family.

Her husband continued working as an actor and even encouraged their children, Ron and Clint, to start on the same path.

Clint and Ron appeared on some TV shows at such a young age.

They had a simple and happy family life.

Despite earning a lot, the Howard family had a meaningful and uncomplicated lifestyle.


Jean and Rance taught the kids to value the importance of enjoying the small details.

They protected the kids from being exposed to the Hollywood kind of life.

Speegle decided to come back into acting after many years of being retired.

Ron was able to give her mom a role in his film, ‘Cocoon.’

She was given a small role in the film.

The role gave Jean the courage to try acting on the big screen again.

She auditioned for a role in ‘Apollo 13’.

Rance suggested to Ron to cast her mom for his new film.

Feared that his mom might not be able to deliver well, they had the casting audition at their house.

While going through the sequence, Ron admitted that he swelled with pride, knowing that his mom would do well.

“Apollo 13” became a hit and won awards.

The actress died on September 2, 2000.

Jean Howard passed away due to respiratory and heart illness.

She appeared in several films before being forced to retire due to her health condition.

His son dedicated the film “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” to her, knowing that Jean loves celebrating the season.

Most of her family members were cast in the said film making it more meaningful.

Their sons loved Rance and Jean Howard.

Ron and Clint valued the kind of life their parents could give them.

The husband and wife provide the basic needs of their children.


They ensured that their two children appreciated every moment with their family and less on the material things.

Ron and Clint wrote a memoir about their childhood.

Inspired by their life with their actor parents, the two brothers decided to come up with their own book.


They want the world to know how colorful their youth was because of their parents.

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