Rescuers Save Blind Dog Who’s Lived Alone For 10 Years

In March 2018, Los Angeles-based rescue group Hope for Paws received a call about a stray dog found wandering around in a residential neighborhood. After talking to residents, Hope for Paws learned the poor dog had been on his own for almost 10 years. The rescuers desperately wanted to save this senior dog and get him into a great forever home, a place where he could spend his golden years.

After driving around for a bit, the rescuers spotted the dog. When they reached him, they saw his eyes were cloudy—he was clearly blind.

The rescuers, Lisa Arturo and JoAnn Witz, carefully approached the dog.

Since the pup had never experienced human kindness, he was nervous, and he ran away from the rescuers. Arturo and Witz followed the pup down the street, keeping their distance. They gave the dog treats to show him that they wanted to help him. Finally, the dog stayed still long enough for one of the rescuers to put a snare around his neck.

The poor dog was scared, but the rescuers spoke to him in reassuring voices, telling him he was going to be okay. They got him into a dog carrier and brought him into their car. The sweet pup was finally off the streets and in a safe place!

The rescuers decided to name the regal senior dog Pharaoh.

Hope for Paws took Pharaoh to a veterinarian to get him checked out. After that, they brought him to his new foster home. The senior dog rescue group Frosted Faces Foundation agreed to look after Pharaoh, and they put him in a home with another blind senior dog.

Pharaoh was very anxious around people at first, and he would shake whenever anybody touched him. But over time, the dog started to relax a bit and get used to his new home. Soon, he even started letting the volunteers pet him!

After a few weeks, Frosted Face Foundation shared an update on their Facebook page about how Pharaoh was doing:

“Pharaoh used to shake and hide in a corner for hours, peeing when trying to be interacted with. He wouldn’t eat unless we left a bowl of food out at night when he was alone in the dark.

Pharaoh now recognizes the sound of my voice and follows it. The leash still makes him mildly uncomfortable, but we are working on it! He climbs up onto the couch, goes potty with his friends in the yard, and knows how to find the open sliding glass door to come inside. He eats twice each day at mealtimes with the lights on and us in the room. We will find him spontaneously getting up and switching beds and as of this weekend, getting up to walk to the water bowl!”

Pharaoh is currently still searching for his forever home, but in the meantime, he’s in good hands at Frosted Face Foundation. This sweet dog has come a long way since he was first found wandering on the streets by himself. If you’d like to learn more about Pharaoh’s journey, check out the video below.

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