Rescuers Moved To Tears When They Remove Socks Of A Dog With Broken Leg Who Lips To Get Help

The owner of a garage in Huddersfield was checking CCTV footage in amazement when he saw an injured and emaciated dog. One of the dog’s backwards paws was broken, while the other three paws were tied with black socks. The man immediately reported to the local RSPCA that the dog was limping helplessly.

When officers found the dog, they discovered that his condition was much more serious than expected. It turned out that she had been starving for weeks as all her bones had started to fall out. Her previous caretakers had tied her socks to hide the sores on her skin from lack of care.

The dog, now called Susie, required anesthesia to remove the painful stockings from her limbs. But then she became a darling as vets at the Greater Manchester Animal Hospital in Salford treated her injuries. Sadly Susie’s broken leg started to heal in the wrong position and now needs to be amputated.

Susie was not microchipped and there is still no information about her previous owners. At the moment her caretakers are focused on her weight loss and hope she will gain weight in the coming weeks. She has been isolated until she recovers from contagious mange and ringworm. She is not yet out of danger but vets are confident she will recover soon. We send our prayers to beautiful Susie.


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