Rescued Chihuahua mix Mr. Happy Face wins annual ‘World’s Ugliest Dog’ contest

The “World’s Ugliest Dog” contest has announced that every dog is cute though some of them may look very strange.

This year’s winner was announced on Friday and it was a Chihuahua mix Mr. Happy Face was the top “ugly” dog.

Janata Banelly adopted the dog during the pandemic. The dog was a 17-year-old dog suffering from health issues who was searching for a forever home.

The dog had some neurological issues, wore a diaper, and had many tumors. But the dog had still hope for life and Janeda changed the dog’s life as he had only a few weeks to live. This contest made the dog and its owner even happier and now the whole world recognized the positive dog and was amazed by his endeavor to live and enjoy his life.

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