Recent widow mother of 4 trying to survive one day at a time opens gift witThuh $20K check

Your spouse is your life partner who shares the same goals and dreams. Together, you build a family and a home.

But what if this perfect dream shatters unexpectedly? What if your other half dies suddenly? It’s unimaginable, isn’t it?

Sierra and William loved each other so much. They had built a family and had four beautiful kids, all under twelve.

Unfortunately, like a nightmare, William passed away unexpectedly.

William and Sierra were having so much fun a few months back on labor day. He was laughing so hard as he went down a slide.

The father of four suffered cardiac arrest and drowned.

Sierra’s life was shattered when she lost her husband. Even though she wanted to break down, she couldn’t.

Even with swollen eyes and an aching heart, Sierra had to continue caring for her kids and what her husband left her.

She now has two roles to fulfill. There was no time to dwell on the pain.

Before William died, he left one special project, the expansion of their home by renovating their basement.

Now, it’s sitting unfinished, but someone who has a good heart has other plans.

Nate Eaton, a news director of East Idaho News, who is also very famous because of his special role, had been trending for the last eight years.

Ever since “Secret Santa” approached him, he made it his mission to share this Good samaritan’s wealth with deserving people.

Eaton is the only person who knows who the Secret Santa is, and for many years, he has been the face of the operation.

“It is a local person here. I think if you were to meet him on the street, he might deny it,” said Eaton in an interview with Inside Edition two years ago, who is the only one on his team who knows Santa’s true identity.

This year, Sierra is one of the lucky few who will receive a gift from Secret Santa, and she has no idea about the gift that she’ll receive.

Secret Santa will gift her a 20K check so she could finish the basement or use the money for any other project that she has.

Aside from that, she will also receive a gift certificate for 5K from Ashley’s furniture so she could pick any furniture that she needs for her home renovation.

Eaton and two other Santa aides came to her home, but no one was there. After a few hours, they got a text from her neighbor telling Eaton that Sierra was already home.

Again, they went and rang her doorbell.

Nate asked how they were doing after what had happened.

“We’re surviving. We’re taking it a day at a time. But we’re doing okay.” said Sierra, who was already teary-eyed.

As she was being interviewed, she said that she was currently doing the installation in her basement.

She said that all her family members were pitching in to help with their home renovation.

It was Sierra’s daughter who opened the special gift from Secret Santa, the 20K check for her family.

Upon seeing the check, Sierra cried and said thank you.

Sierra and Nate hugged.

They gave another deserving family a gift from the mysterious yet kind-hearted man, the one everyone knows as Secret Santa.

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