Puppy was discovered with the devastating letter, “My mom can’t keep me,” from its homeless owner.

Pet abandonment is always terrible, but there are situations when individuals are compelled by external factors to give up their cherished animals. It may be expensive to care for a pet, and some individuals feel they are no longer in a position to do so.

Such was the narrative of a devastating note discovered tied to a dog, but a rescue organization is currently working to assist both the canine and her family.

The McKamey Animal Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee, tweeted a picture on Tuesday of a message that was discovered with a dog they call Lilo.

Due to her homelessness and two children, Lilo’s “mom” is no longer able to care for her, according to the note: The message says, “She did her best but can’t obtain aid.”

I was too expensive. I’m a nice dog and I love to be adored, and she genuinely loves me, the message says. I beg you not to mistreat me.

According to reports, Lilo was spotted by a kind person and brought to McKamey Wildlife Center unhurt and safe.

It’s difficult not to feel pity for Lilo’s former owner, despite the fact that leaving a dog behind in such a way is never the wisest course of action. It certainly seem as though she cared for the dog and only abandoned her in an emergency.

Being empathetic, the McKamey Animal Center responded by writing a “Letter to Lilo’s Parent.”

We very regret that you had to choose to part ways with her. We are aware that many people are currently having difficulty caring for their dogs,” they stated. “We understand how difficult it must be to surrender an animal you so obviously loved because you are unable to provide her the care she need. We comprehend.

They wanted to reconcile the lady with Lilo, but they were so empathetic that they requested the woman to come forward.

To the best of our abilities, we will assist you with everything you need to take care of her. Without a doubt, Lilo misses you, and we just want to see her return to the people she loves most—her family. In either case, know that we sympathize with you, won’t pass judgment, and are available to assist you in any way we can.

They further emphasized that it is unlawful and against the law to abandon a dog in this manner. Instead, they urged those with challenging financial situations, like Lilo’s mother, to benefit from their initiatives for low-income pet owners.

They added, “Although we comprehend what Lilo’s mother did and why she did it, we wish that she had come to us first for assistance and resources.” In addition to free and inexpensive vaccinations, microchipping, and spay/neuter treatments, MAC offers a community pet food bank, according to a Facebook post by the organization.

In their letter, they stated that they wished for Chattanooga to be a place where everyone, not just the wealthy, could consider their dogs to be members of the family.

Although the scenario is terrible, the McKamey Animal Center is acting morally by offering to reconnect Lilo with her family and support them through this trying time.

If Lilo’s mother cannot be reached to retrieve her, we hope that she will find another family for the sad puppy soon.

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