Puppy is caught making a mess but sweet older dog doesn’t want owner to scold his tiny friend

Puppies sometimes like to get into a little mischief.

It’s not that they are trying to be naughty.

They just like to have fun and play. Even if it means their good time crosses into naughty territory.

They can’t help it. Puppies just exist in happy/fun mode.

And it’s easy to get carried away when you’re in puppy fun mode.

Every puppy owner has likely seen the fall out of a puppy getting carried away in puppy fun mode.

Sometimes it looks like a shredded pair of shoes, an overturned garbage can, or, in this puppy’s case, a tore up pee pee pad.

This puppy’s human parent wasn’t too pleased when they came back to a pee pee pad all ripped up.

Thankfully, the puppy’s big bro, Levi, was there to stand up for him.

Not all puppies have big bros like Levi to protect them from getting yelled at.

But this one little pup did.

And Levi wasn’t about to let dad get all up in his face.

Dad came over asking, “Who did this right here?” pointing his camera at the pee pee pad and then Levi and his little brother.

“You? Or you?” dad asks Levi, then his younger brother.

Dad decided to blame the tiny puppy and proceeded to berate the small dog.

Wagging his finger in the dog’s face and yelling: “You did it. You’re bad!”

Levi was not about to let this abusive and, clearly, poor and ineffective parenting go on.

Levi walked right up to dad and slapped his finger away from angrily, pointing it at the poor sweet puppy.

He even forced the human man to take a step back from the puppy.

Then Levi proceeded to give the human man a good talking to.

A civilized talking to, of course.

One where dad could actually realize his effects on others and think about his actions.

Dad just thought it was all hilarious and giggled before shutting off his camera.

That clip went viral and was viewed more than 13,000 on Good Morning America’s YouTube page.

“This is so wholesome that my tiny heart can barely handle it,” said one YouTube commenter.

“What dogs do for each other when it comes to protection,” said another.

It looks like this little puppy will have a lot of good lessons to learn from Levi.

Like how to stick up for yourself.

According to Help Em’ Up Harness, older dogs can teach puppies lots of things, just like an older sibling would. This is because dogs will mimic the behavior of other dogs.

The younger dogs can watch older dogs do things like how to go up and down the stairs or how to ask to be let outside to use the potty. Dogs will develop the behavior of others dogs if they see it has an advantage to be gained.

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