Puppy Doesn’t Quit Fighting Even After Being Abandoned In A Suitcase In The Middle Of Nowhere

A few months ago, rescuers from the Trani Dog Walking Association faced one of the saddest cases ever. A man was walking between Trani and Barletta in Italy when he came across something very suspicious.

On the side of the road was a wounded travel bag and a few centimeters away from it a bone that looked like a dog. The way the suitcase had been torn apart was a clear indication of the terrible situation his furry friend was in. “How is it possible for someone to do such a thing?” lamented one of the network’s clients.

Whatever the explanation, they had put him in the box to get rid of him. Somehow he survived, but he looked completely exhausted and weak. The man who found him called for help. And they took him in immediately. The child was in a very difficult condition.

He had a lot of stomach problems. And it seemed like an impossible task to give him the tons of funds he wanted because he didn’t trust a human being.

,,The test results are absolutely important. There is anemia, hyperparathyroidism, liver failure, death in some tissues. There are many stones in the fatty intestinal tract and hiding places abroad.” he said. Many would have given up on such a serious case, but this furry black man should be given a chance for a happy life.

,,The people who found and saved him are angels.” one customer thanked online. For a few weeks he was incredibly weak, but as the days passed he gained the strength to stand up and was even able to eat on his own.

His name was Kei, and despite his basic prosperity, the biggest task he faced was to rebuild his trust in people. ,,We don’t know if he’s a clumsy dog or just scared because of everything he’s been through.” said one of the rescuers.

Gradually, he allowed himself to trust people a little more. He is willing to admit to himself that he is better and stronger thanks to veterinary care. It is comforting to know that the puppy got all the help he needed after such a difficult past. ,,Adopting Kei means taking care of a dog that needs to rebuild itself both physically and mentally. It’s a big job.” said one of the rescuers.

No one at home deserves to be locked up and left to fend for themselves in the middle of nowhere. Kei still has a long way to go and we hope he will be accepted by an exceptional family.

We speak out against the unacceptable treatment of this little dog. Those responsible for such a terrible act must pay for their actions.

Watch Kei’s full story in the video below!

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